Cartier Replica Watches Santos-Dumont Skeleton Rose Gold

Cartier Replica Watches Replica orologi Santos-Dumont Skeleton Rose Gold
Cartier Replica Watches staked its claim in wristwatch history with the first Santos-Dumont watch, presented by brand founder Louis Cartier Replica Watches to his friend, the Brazilian aviator Charles Santos-Dumont, in 1904. replica watches Santos-Dumont, who was one of the pioneers of piloting balloons and dirigibles for flight, had lamented to his friend Cartier Replica Watches how difficult it was to keep track of the time on a hand-held pocketwatch while still keeping both hands on the controls. Cartier Replica Watches’s solution was a square-cased watch rolex replica to be worn on the wrist. While it wasn’t necessarily the very first wristwatch, the Santos-Dumont model is believed to be the first one made specifically for men. The colorful aviator and his exploits helped popularize that style of timepiece, which eventually overtook the more traditional pocketwatch as the preferred timekeeper for both men and women in the 20th century.
Since then, the Santos-Dumont watch Breitling Replica Watches has been a popular staple of Cartier Replica Watches’s men’s collection. Last year, the company introduced a version in a white-gold case with a skeletonized movement, Cartier Replica Watches’s manufacture Caliber 9614 MC, which had several of the bridges cleverly formed so they read as Roman numerals, replacing a conventional dial. At this year’s SIHH in Geneva, Cartier Replica Watches introduced the watch in a rose-gold case. The blue sword-shaped hands and blue faceted sapphire in the winding crown add a touch of bright color, and the brown alligator leather strap completes the package.